Life As A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Life as a Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner allows for stability, order, and conduct to be maintained in the medical field. Personal qualities is a huge factor for a nurse practitioner and could be a tie breaking situation. Nurse practitioners are responsible for a lot that goes on in the hospital and are looked upon to make some serious decisions. They help a lot of people in scared situation based on their education and in most cases experience. They are vital in every medical situation and most medical fields.
Nurse practitioners are responsible for a lot in the hospital. they have as much responsibilities as the physician and provide health care in a lot of settings (Exploring Health Careers 547). They allow for the hospital to run smoothly during stressful situations. They conduct physical examinations, takes detailed medical histories, order lab test and x-rays, diagnose and treat acute illnesses. They also treat minor chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure and are allowed to prescribe some medications (Exploring Health Careers 547). They are so highly respected because of all the responsibilities they have. Prior to graduation, aspiring nurse practitioners should consider looking for jobs in order to gain more
Simon 2 experience. Its would help the student more when it comes to getting a permanent job and give them an advantage in the field (Field 72). Having more of an advantage would increase your chances of getting to the top, if…

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