Essay on Life After Death By Powerpoint

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Life after Death by PowerPoint
A PowerPoint presentation can be an effective tool for delivering information to various audiences in various environments, to include educational and corporate settings. In a business environment, an individual will have to deliver a PowerPoint presentation at some point during his or her career (CSU-Global, 2015). Just as PowerPoint can be an effective method for delivering information, if not used appropriately - from formatting poorly, to merely incorporating too much text - presentations can sometime do more harm than good (Handout, n.d.). This paper will review PowerPoint bad habits often practiced when delivering presentations, reasons for incorrect usage, personal experiences when using PowerPoint and while observing other, and recommendations for using PowerPoint appropriately. Furthermore, from this point forward, PowerPoint will be used synonymously with the terms briefing and presentation.
Presenters Bad Habits
Although there are numerous tools to assist individuals with delivering an effective presentation, PowerPoint combined with the use of visual aids and multimedia can be very accommodating. Nonetheless, there are still occasions when individuals continue to display numerous presenters’ bad habits when delivering a presentation. The bad habits can be, and often are, in forms of written and verbal practices that should be avoided. The most prominent bad habits are reading information directly from the slides, the improper…

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