Liberal Arts Critique

The presentation “A Liberal Use of ‘Liberal Arts’” by Matt Kirk, is a presentation teaching the audience about the classical view of liberal arts, specifically the trivium. The speaker then explains how the trivium disappeared from current education. Finally, the speaker calls for modern education to use elements of the classical liberal education, in order to make education stronger.
The visual aid was very effectively used to create a guide for the audience to follow. The slides contained single word summaries, which were laid out on the slide so that the main point of the slide was shown spatially. The summaries were descriptive enough to be meaningful to the audience, but short enough that it did not take away from the oral portion.
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An image was not needed for the definitions, because the speaker only talks about the difference between the two arts to make sure there was not ambiguity in his arguments. This contrasts to the slides where the author is taking a stance.
The second slide in the remix contains an image showing the University of Michigan and Michigan State University rivalry. This rivalry is very well understood by residents of Michigan as being a very polarizing argument. With the text of “In constant conflict” the audience will infer an analogy with the conflict between practical and liberal arts.
The third slide contains an image of a word search and sudoku. The trivium is the art of words, and the quadrivium was the art of numbers, therefore the word game and the number game show how the groupings were created. By making the word search image larger and brighter than the sudoku, the audience is prepared for the trivium to be the bigger focus of the presentation.
The fourth slide is completely blank. This is the part of the presentation where the speaker states the thesis. Displaying a blank slide means that the audience will put all their attention on the speaker, so that the thesis can be delivered very
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The picture wouldn’t be interesting if only one ocean were shown, which matches up with the convergence of subjects being the most import part of liberal arts.
The seventh slide shows a traffic jam. Traffic jams are an overload of cars on the road causing speeds to drop. This is similar to liberal arts being dropped because of too much information overloading education. The traffic jam also serves a dual purpose of emphasizing the frustration of liberal arts being deemphasized in the current education model.
The last slide is a recognizable graphic of the internet. A widely held cultural belief is that the internet has connected more than it ever has been before. Many people view this new connection of people as a very good thing. This complements the speakers call for liberal arts education the be more connected to practical arts.
The remix slide deck on “A Liberal Use of ‘Liberal Arts’” is a departure from the original visual aid. Instead of being a roadmap for the presentation, the new slide deck is used to convey feelings and analogies. The new slide is intended to still be effective for the same exact oral portion. This would make the speech less about conveying information, and instead create a stronger call to

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