Essay on Levels of Leadership

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Henry A. Tejares
#1602-Leadership I
Lesson 1 Review Questions

1. What was the only difference between the house that stood, and the house that fell in Luke chapter 6? • The only difference between the house that stood could not be shake it, while the house that fell the ruin of that house was great.

2. Throughout the Bible what was the major reason for the failure of the children of Israel? • Throughout the Bible, when the people failed, it was because of the leader.

3. What are the three primary responsibilities of a shepherd? a. Shepherds feed b. Shepherds lead c. Shepherd protect

4. Identify five of the seven truths about Biblical
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When leaders lead by consent, what are two important attitudes toward leadership that are developed? • Two important attitudes toward leadership that are developed are respect and trust.

10. Complete this sentence: • You will never lead and influence people who do not trust you.

Henry A. Tejares
#1602-Leadership I
Lesson 2 Review Questions

1. The real problem in our world is a breakdown in leadership at the grassroots level-meaning what two places? • the home and the Church

2. From the life of Abraham, we see that faith is activated when we do what? • when we walk in obedience to the known will of God.

3. Men of God must always beware of the "three L's." What are they? • lust for women • lust for money • lust for power

4. What is God doing when He allows a pit or prison in your ministry? • lack of preaching opportunities, finances, buildings, people, etc. • It maybe God's way of protecting us and keeping us saved until the time He is ready to elevate us for His Kingdom.

5. In what ways is David's life an example of both the good and the bad paths we can chose in life? • a life of contrast

6. How did David spend his time after he was anointed to be king? • David spent his time being faithful, tending his father's sheep, loving God, and developing his skills.

7. What is

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