Letter Of Acceptance From Alfred University Essay

711 Words Oct 27th, 2016 3 Pages
Opening my letter of acceptance from Alfred University was one of the most memorable and exciting moments in my life. The thrilled that I received from simply opening a letter was unbelievable. “That makes two of us” was exactly what I said when that occurred. First my older brother, and now it was me moving on with me life. Attending college was huge in my family because not everyone did it. So deciding to go to college was a no brainier. My reason to attend college was to try making something out of myself that would make my mom proud and support her. I could not see myself just having a high school diploma and being satisfied. Prior to applying, I did not know much about AU. My college counselor was the first to mention and inform me about AU. She knew that I wanted to go far away and wanted to be a technician or engineering. At first, I was considering Alfred state for their technician program, but I realized how being an engineer was more glorified. That’s when my counselor recommended I apply to AU. Ever since I was in middle school I knew I wanted to do something with mechanics. The mechanics of every day things always seem to have caught my attention. The high school I attended was an engineering and technology school, so I learned a little from that, which made me even more, inspire to be an engineer. Additionally, I was involved in an architecture/construction/engineering outside of school program which transferred to me so much useful knowledge on engineering.…

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