Letter For Your Corporate Or Individual Sponsorship Of Our Basketball Team

947 Words Feb 18th, 2016 4 Pages
On behalf of the Charlotte WolfPack management and players, it is with a great hope that we write this letter to you. Without taking any more of your time, we would like to cut straight to the point. The main aim of this letter is to request for your corporate or individual sponsorship of our basketball team. We strongly believe that with your esteemed position as the Chief Executive Officer of the state’s major provider for energy such as electricity and gas, you can assist us in this matter.
Charlotte Wolfpack are dedicated to growing new basketball fans, and providing world class entertainment, service and value. Your mission to make people’s lives better by providing gas and electric services in a sustainable way is right along with our mission here with the Charlotte WolfPack organization. We also feel that the Duke Energy Corporation fits with our mission to service the people of Charlotte with world class energy but providing them with world class service and value, just as our organization does with world class entertainment, service and value.
In return for your future help, we will post labels of your brand on the outside of the arena in downtown Charlotte. These banner with your corporate logo will be used during all the home games, tournaments and events where our players will participate in and right above the opening entrance. For higher levels of participation, we will create professional signs with your logo and name to display during our home games and…

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