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Let 's start at the beginning I was born Monday, March 16, 1998. I was born in a two parent family and lived with both parents together until I was about four years old. Shortly after my baby sister, Shanelle was born in 2001 my parents separated. I never learned why they separated but my best guess was because of the stress between them, they had four young kids, my dad was an alcoholic just like his father before him and my mother constantly hoarded things that people threw out or from deals she could find in the Sunday sales paper. That I 'm guessing that caused a bit of a divide between them. After my dad left, we moved to a house a few blocks away, it was cool at first I got my own room and everything! It took me a few days to understand that my dad wouldn 't be coming back. Eventually, my mom let him see us again(after a lot of court battles) I was always so happy to see him. I loved them both and didn 't understand why they couldn 't work it out. Skip forward a few years, to where the things happening in my life start to determine who I am. My older sister, Shantel, runs away. She is gone all day until the police bring her home. Before that day, I saw that my sister and mom didn 't get along that well, but I never knew it was that bad. When the police brought her back home they talked out what happened with my mom, and after that, they both started yelling at my sister. After that day, I had problems with authority and trusting the police. In the weeks…

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