Lesson Reflection

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The lessons that I had planned for this week proved to be very challenging and somewhat wasteful. However, the good thing about this whole ordeal is that I have become more aware of what works and does not work for the students. I also have a better understanding of how important it is to check for students understanding and keep them engaged throughout the entire lesson. Every one of my lesson plans included powerpoints that would present the content for the subject of my lesson. I had even included quizzes at the end some of my powerpoint to engage the students. I got two different reaction to my powerpoints: disinterest and confusion. The students were either not paying attention to the powerpoint at all or needed further clarification than I had provided through the powerpoint and my lecture. I had planned on leading a …show more content…
However, I fully understand that I am learning just as the students are learning. I am learning about them as learners and how to differentiate my teaching for them. I also am learning about the importance to including all the learning styles to engage each and every student into the lesson. I now know that every teacher will encounter problems and must be flexible enough to employ a multitude of approaches when teaching a lesson. My role as a teacher holds great responsibility because I have job of educating students according to their needs and that will require many trials and errors to fully perfect. I am also happy to have my cooperating teacher to guide me educate me about her students and about the job of teaching as well. Everyday is never the same just like every student is not the same. Because of this, I now know how important it is to look for opportunities to engage my

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