Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage The legalization of same sex-marriage is not only the right course of action, but it is the only course of action. Same-sex marriage legalization would mean an end to legal discrimination, a more accurate definition of the term ‘marriage’, and a removal of second class of citizens, therefore promoting equality. Same-sex marriage legalization has been a topic of argument for decades, however, recently said argument has exploded into the media. Such headlines read “Minnesota High School Students Protest Billboard Advertising ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy” and “Both Sides Of The Same-sex Marriage Case Duel With Signs And Slogans Outside The Supreme Court”. An end to the legal discrimination that lesbian and gay individuals …show more content…
This second class of citizens- discriminated against because of their sexual orientation- do not receive the same benefits as those who are heterosexual and have to explain to their children that others put them down because of fear, lack of knowledge, and sometimes blind hatred. Married heterosexuals can visit their spouse during hospitalization, a luxury that same-sex couples dream of. Don’t forget joint taxes, that could significantly cut their taxes- perhaps even in half. Family health coverage does not seem to work for homosexuals as they are not married and therefore ‘aren’t a family’. Perhaps inheritance? Only if a same-sex couple were to create a will detailing that they wish their belongings to go to their partner. Children raised by biased heterosexuals end up blindly hating same-sex couples without asking ‘why?’ The answer- ‘just because their parents do’. Children raised by same-sex couples could potentially feel discrimination every day. In the form of bullies in their school, or in looks of disgust directed towards their parents. They question if something is wrong with being in love or if their parents are doing something wrong, these children face being told their parents are dirt and they will be no better and will end up like them. Perhaps this seemingly blind discrimination is how the African Americans in segregation felt, or women who wanted to have equal rights? The feeling of knowing that you are worth something, knowing that you can shine, but know that they just don’t see it, haunts

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