Legalizing Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Legalizing same-same marriage in all 50 states will enhance the constitution, enrich equality, and benefit the government. Same-sex marriage being illegal isn 't showing equality and the pursuit of happiness. I am for the legalization of same-sex marriage because everyone deserves to be happy and love is love. Bad things are happening in the present as a result of same-sex marriage being illegal. Child abuse or just abuse in general is a huge problem that is currently happening especially in the United States by straight or heterosexual men. 90% of children abuse are committed by heterosexual men (“Gay”). Facts show that child abusers are mainly found in heterosexual relationships (Walen). Homosexual people are the nicest people you …show more content…
Legalizing same-sex marriage equals marriage marriage equality, which actually uplifts marriage(“12 Reasons”). Same-sex marriages can boost struggling state economies(Berman). If it was legal that would mean that there would be more weddings, which means more money and of course the government would love to have more money(Berman). It would enhance religious freedom, and the core values of marriage will be learned and showed more(“12 Reasons”). Some core values of marriage are trust, honesty, love, faith, and the bond that two people share. When it comes to foster care and adoption, there aren 't enough marries fathers and mothers interested in wanting children that are not their own as much as homosexuals(“Gay”). There are some homosexual people that have given birth to a child before they discovered their homosexuality and some even after. Normally you will see homosexual couples that have children and one of them is the birth parent and the other partner treats the child as if it was its own. You will also continue to see homosexual couples that have chosen to adopt children because they can 't give birth themselves or other reasons. Whatever the case or situation may be, children raised by homosexual parents aren’t any different from heterosexual parents

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