Legalization Of Abortion

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Abortion is one of the topics that are considered controversial. Many people have argued that abortion should be legalized while others oppose that argument strongly. Abortion is defined as the act of deliberately ending a life of a human pregnancy. Most abortions happen during the first twenty eight weeks of pregnancy. However, abortion is also applicable after that period of time (during the third trimester) but it usually accompanies serious life threatening problems that could affect the mother in the short or long term. There are two main types of abortion: medication abortion and aspiration abortion. Medical abortion uses pills, while aspiration abortion uses specific surgical tools. No matter which method is used to abort the fetus, …show more content…
Any human being according to the law has the right of choice and therefore, has the right to decide what happens to their body. Since women are human beings they also have the right of free choice. When the fetus is inside a woman’s womb it is considered part of her body. The fetus depends on the mother to supply it with nutrients that it needs in order for it to grow. The fetus during the first trimester consists of a clump of cells that are growing and dividing. Those cells are part of the mother’s body. During this stage no distinct features are present to correctly define this clump of cells as a growing fetus. There is a low chance that someone would be able to define it as a fetus if they are not told so. If something is part of the mother’s body, then the mother has the right to do whatever she wishes with it. Since the cells are part of the woman’s body then she should have the right to do whatever she wants with those …show more content…
killing cells and experimenting with them happen all the time in research labs with no serious consequences that follow such act. If it is morally right to kill living cells in labs, then it is morally right to abort the fetus at that stage. The fact that the government did not ban the use of living cells in research labs shows that it is not harmful. If it had severe and damaging consequences then the government would have banned it.
It can be argued that abortion is harmful for women in general. No matter in which period does the mother perform abortion there are always risks that accompany such procedures. Abortion can harm the women’s reproductive system and could also take away the possibility of any further pregnancies. Abortion basically takes away the gift of life that everyone deserves to have. By illegalizing abortion, the safety of women will increase drastically. Instead of aborting the fetus, the mother can carry it for the whole duration of the pregnancy and then give it up for adoption if she does not wish to raise

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