Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

The biggest harm to human health is caused by bad habits such as smoking, alcohol drinking and drug use, especially in teenagers. Nowadays, the use of alcohol and the epidemic of alcoholism around the world, are among the biggest problems. This social problem is discussed not only in the political arena, but it also has a wide public resonance. The introduction to the use of alcohol is an important topic, which needs special attention. It should be introduce to teenagers as soon as they getting closer to the drinking age, because he question is that a problem of the drinking age or lock of education and information about proper alcohol usage? Every year, the ICAP (International Center for Alcohol Policies), updates information about the drinking …show more content…
One of the main reasons that she presents is that the brain can be severely damaged by alcohol, especially if it is not fully developed, and not only brain. “According to Karen MacPherson in “National Drinking”, at age of 21, research indicates that the brain continues to develop until that time, and young brains can be irreversibly damaged by alcohol” (Bigjohny). So basically the government, by lowering the drinking age, will say to all young adults that they can drink and of course the can harm their health. They will give a permit to teenagers; almost like saying that it is all right to ruin their brains. Letting teens drink is giving immature citizens the ability to make bad decisions that not only affect themselves, but also people around. Nineteen year olds becoming alcoholics and drunk drivers, because of not understanding the responsibility that they are taking while they are drinking. As a result of Reagan’s age 21 to drink law, statistics show “the laws have saved an estimated 20,000 lives since states began implementing them in 1975, and they’ve decreased the number of alcohol-related youth fatalities among drivers by 63 percent since 1982”

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