Legal and Technical Report Writing and Presentation Essay

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Technical paper

Object oriented Program or rather OOP entails an object with data files which are organized in a manner that integrates procedures ad instructions that are incorporated into data fields. The system is essential in combining computer programs with a similar objective and point of operations. For example, computer operations have a similar language that is integrated in programming such as JavaScript, Smalltalk, and Python C ++. The difference is similar due to data and codes that are used to give attention to connected programs. The scope area focuses on how the way a company collects and aggregates data from disparate data sources. Additionally, the actual data collection in
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Therefore having to readjust these events happens to be tedious and consumes more time as well.

Another format of developing programming protocol is procedural programming or structured programming. The concept is based on the concepts of routine, subroutine, techniques, or utility. They are important in developing instructions that has a series of computation strategies that can be used as procedural programming that directs the computer what to do step by step. This includes the step to the second cod(Barone, et al, 2014). This means that the system is able to detect malware and hacker practices, for example, it is easy to detect input data and output data that can have been affected by malware attacks. Modularity hypothesis is specified syntactically in the form of argument and the outputs which are transferred in term of return value. Scoping is another advantage that enables us to keep progress in a modular dimension; it enables us to prevent the procedure from accessing the variable protocol and affects the effects of variables in the system. The system is prone to attack from malware attacks, viruses and intruders. The system is broke down into a procedural programming process that breaks down the programming task to detect any form of

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