Legal Age 21 Essay

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The minimum legal age for taking alcoholic drinks in the USA is 21 and it has been so since 1984. There were interventions twenty-five years ago, and since then many groups have been trying without success to reduce the age limit for the consumption of alcohol. An initiative known as Amethyst Initiative was signed in the year 2008 by a group of college presidents who were not satisfied with the minimum legal age (Williams et al. 170). There was public awareness conducted to educate the society on the benefits of reducing the legal age to 18. This initiative used responsibility as their base of argument because they believed that when people are allowed to do something like drinking alcohol, they become more responsible and engage in responsible drinking. The policy that was used focused on helping young people make their decision regarding alcohol so as to reduce over-consumption and possible impacts on the consumer. …show more content…
From the data collected by the center for alcohol marketing and youth, around 96 % of all the alcohol consumed by the youth between 15-20 take more five bottles at once. The legal age of 21 has been successful in the reduction of drinking, but when young people engage in the consumption of alcohol they do it in excess (Wagenaar 210). The consumption of alcohol by young people is going out of hand: During the mid-90s and the early millennium, the rate of consumption increased at an alarming rate with most of the consumption being binge drinking. This pattern should serve as a warning to all parents, lawmakers and all the groups concerned to act immediately. Taking alcohol responsibly has proven to be beneficial to the young people and may not be harmful. Binge drinking, on the other hand, can cause a lot of harm to the

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