Essay about Lecture Notes For Chris Cunningham Case

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Leading and Managing in Organizations Robert Bontempo

Handout ‘Chris Cunningham and Stover Industries’ was given out for the students to read. They were asked, “What would you do as a manager to fix the problem?”. Bontempo stressed ‘do’ rather than rephrase the problem.

The problem is a sales manager called Chris who is taking it upon himself to instruct production to fill his orders regardless of their other tasks.

A discussion followed in which students suggested various actions that a consultant might suggest the company takes:

1. Keep Chris, but constrain his undesirable activities. He has good qualities. This could be done by refusing him new clients, giving him a performance review, making public high level disapproval of
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However, all his experience is in sales, due to the divided structure of the company.

Another set of actions was proposed by the students:

1. Bring in ‘just-in-time’ so that production will be flexible enough to meet Chris’s needs. Change organisation to support Chris-type salespeople.

2. Rank customers by profit they bring and prioritize production accordingly.

Therefore, 2 main options:

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