Learning Theories, And Curriculum Essay

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Throughout the experience of studying these three types of philosophy, I have learned that everyone comes to their beliefs differently. Therefore everyone feels comfortable at different levels of the school’s philosophy, learning theories, and curriculum. Schools are composed of various areas and the way they practice their learning, and this can be what makes or breaks a school when someone is looking for a position.
In my years at college I have learned little about the education system that I will be entering. I have only taken two classes that pertain to my major, and in those classes to come I believe that I will learn about the situations I will be in once I find a job. Since I am a sophomore, I have time to take more classes, but I learned that my schedule is full of education and Spanish classes. This tells me that I cannot take the classes I want to. I wanted to take classes to get an English as a Second Language endorsement, but since I am majoring with a teacher certification I do not have the time that I once had when taking my general education classes to take classes for an endorsement. However, if I were to have an ESL endorsement I could have more opportunities to find a career pertaining to helping students learning English.
In fact, I could use my major and travel to different countries and learn about the Spanish culture. This is what I want to do with my education, learn about what is out there. I believe that having a foreign language as a major…

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