Learning Plan Contract And Self Evaluation Of Nursing Informatics

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Learning Plan Contract and Self Evaluation of Nursing Informatics At the beginning of Nursing Informatics I was a little nervous, especially with writing a learning plan contract on what my final grades would be at the end of each assignment. At the beginning, we were asked to take an online survey of our current knowledge of informatics and I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. I understood the basics of computers, however, there was a lot of information I had never been introduced to in my school or working career. As I was writing out my learning plan, I thought about choosing assignments that would be easy, but that isn’t the purpose for going to school. You not only return to school to brush up on information you already know, but you also go to learn new information. I will be discussing what I have accomplished, what my strengths and weaknesses were, and what plan I have for my future in nursing education.
My accomplishments in Nursing Informatics have been to successfully complete all of the selected assignments in my learning contract, received the grades I thought I would receive, work together in the designated team I was placed on, present my webcast and webpage to my colleagues, receive positive and negative criticism on assignments and correct them, and to successfully see an improvement in my knowledge of Nursing Informatics.
Some strengths that I saw with my work in Nursing Informatics is the Microsoft Word assignment,…

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