learning lab denmark Essay

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Project Report On Learning Lab Denmark Based on Richard Ivory School of Business Study on Organizing from Scratch INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.nie.edu.sg/files/practicum/Download/Misc/New_Jan_2013/Photo_for_International_Practicum/Astrid201.JPG MERGEFORMATINET Table of Contents Executive Summary Analysis study on Questions Has designing and leadership at Learning Lab Denmark been effective so far Why/why not What about organisational culture What are the opportunities and challenges of designing and leading Learning Lab Denmark Identify tensions, problems, issues, paradoxes, characteristics, and dilemmas that make organizational design and leadership ongoing challenges in new ventures such as Learning Lab Denmark. What is …show more content…
This coordination problem leads to a major efficiency issue, and many employees and outsiders are disappointed by the large gap between LLDs expectations and its results. As for the causes of the problem, it is partly due to a Lack of clearly defined processes for achieving results Lack of coaching Mentoring Lack of guidelines from managers to researcher and lack of feeling that different part of LLD have common goal. Not moving in the same direction Consortia directors Brokers resist each others initiative. Co-ordination problem In between LLD DPU, LLD staff dont want to be considered as part of DPU Role clarity No role clarity for directors, consortia, brokers, LLD DPU Private sectors as stake holders failed to challenge DPUs influence and govt. bureaucracy. The challenges of LLD were DPUs influence and its organization culture. Another challenge was using DPUs premises were vibrant, openness, innovative environment was not at all prevailed. LLD had an opportunity to collaborate with private sectors in designing LLDs organization setup. Innovation does not come with SOPs and Procedures to follow. Lot of researchers were young and first time full / part time job holders for bringing up bright ideas did not

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