Learning By The Case Method Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… An able business leader once commented: “Ninety per cent of the task of a top manager is to ask useful questions. Answers are relatively easy to find, but asking good questions is the most critical skill.” The discussion questions suggested for each case are just to help you focus on certain aspects of the case. In presenting them the faculty is not preempting your task of identifying the problems in the case. You still must ask yourself: “What really are the problems which this manager has to resolve?” Too often, in real-life situations managers manipulate facts and figures without the problems having been specifically defined. A final benefit that the faculty seeks is to reinvigorate the sense of fun and excitement that comes with being a manager. You will sense once again that being a manager is a great challenge— intellectually, politically, and socially. In short, the case method is really a focused form of learning by …show more content…
2. Prepare. Not only is a thorough, individual preparation of each case a great learning experience, it is the key to being an active participant in the case discussion. Discuss the cases with others beforehand. As mentioned earlier, this will refine your reasoning. It's not cheating; it's encouraged. However, you'll be cheating yourself if you don't prepare thoroughly before such discussions. Participate. In class, actively express your views and challenge others. Learning by talking may seem contrary to how you learned in other settings. You may have been urged to be silent and learn from others, especially the faculty. In case discussions, when you express your views to others you commit which, in turn, gets you involved. This is exactly the same as betting at the racetrack; your bet is a commitment which gets you involved in the race. Talking forces you to decide; you can no longer hedge. Share your related experience. During class if you are aware of a situation that relates to the topic being discussed and it would enrich the discussion, tell about it. So-called war stories heighten the relevance of the topic. Constantly relate the topic and case at hand to your business no matter how remote the connection seems at first. Don’t tune out because of a possible disconnect. You can learn a lot about marketing insurance by studying a case on marketing razor blades and vice versa. It’s not whether it relates, but how. Actively apply what you are learning to your own, specific management situations, past and future. That will greatly heighten relevance. Even better is to pick a situation that you know you will face in the future where you could productively use some good ideas. For example, how can I grow my business? Make note of each good idea from the discussion that helps. Not only will these ideas improve the outcome of the situation, they will stick in your mind forever, because

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