Essay about Learning A Healthier Way With My Parents

773 Words Nov 14th, 2015 4 Pages
I need to learn how to communicate in a healthier way with my parents. I have had a strained connection with my Dad because we often clash and both do not know how to properly communicate. Through CIRCLE, I would be able to meet this need by learning how to read the body language of others and how their body is speaking to me. Then I would have the capability to understand how people are feeling, such as my Dad, or if they are in the right space to talk at the moment. Also, through CIRCLE I would be able to listen to what my heart and spirit are telling me. I often find myself brushing aside and not validating my emotions while I get caught up in my hectic life, which is not a healthy way to approach problems or life as a whole. Lastly, I need to learn from CIRCLE how to communicate what I require from people and to do so in a clean manner so that I am not pointing the finger of blame on others, but having a conversation. Often, I struggle to do this with my brother and consequently have been missing out on a big part of a relationship, which is what the heart and spirit thrive on. Through CIRCLE, I want to find the tools to become more independent so that I can thrive in the world and find balance in my connections with others, my responsibilities, my own confidence, opinions, and individuality. This not only important as I am a Junior in high school, but for the rest of my life as I search for what I want to pursue in my life and the person I want to become. Also, I…

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