Leadership Theory Of A Computer Manufacturer Has Been Experiencing A Great Financial Loss

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In the recent years, JLB that is a computer manufacturer has been experiencing a great financial loss. Despite, the employee turnover rate and assembling process for the computers being the same there still has been a significant decline in the company’s efficiency. Furthermore, based on 2011 annual employee survey even the employee satisfaction and morale have decreased (CSU, 2014). In today’s competitive business market, in order to be effective and excel there is a high demand to implement certain leadership theories that could par with the company’s basic performance level. One such leadership theory that could potentially improve the efficiency rate of JLB Enterprises is transformational leadership.
Different Types of Transformation Leaderships
Firstly, transformational leaderships as stated by Bass (2013) occur when leaders broaden their own spectrum of vision beyond their own self-interest in order to accommodate and inspire their employees (p. 19). Secondly, most employees also idealize transformational leaders as they boost their confidence and trust by making them believe that they can achieve their goals by little more effort. (Humphreys & Revelle, 1984). Thirdly, a transformation leader is individually considerate. They act as great mentors to their employees. Also, they pay close attention to their needs, which further helps them to flourish and develop in every perspective. Lastly, transformational leaders are intellectually stimulating who also have…

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