Leadership Theories And Styles Of Transformational Leadership

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For a team to work effective and succeed in attaining its goals, it needs to have a leader and choose a leadership model that will work best for it. There are several leadership theories and styles that any organization can employ to improve their results depending on the requirements of the organization. Transformational leadership has been accepted globally and its results have been more than satisfactory. This model is focused on bringing forth a positive change to the organization it is employed. The leaders using this model inspire their team members by motivating them with achievable visions and encourage them to fight hard to achieve them. Subordinate performance is improved by leaders employing charisma and intellectual motivation.
The visions developed by transformational leaders are attainable and such leaders try to motivate their groups by the above mentioned means for them to work hard to attain them. Furthermore, they (leaders) hearten their followers to defy the status quo to be capable of pursuing that vision. Team success will be determined by the ability of the leader to develop reasonable goals for the group and much importantly the ability of convincing their followers that they can achieve the visions set. The behavior of each individual is the one taken into consideration when giving personal support to the team members. Stimulating the intellect of the team members is crucial in promoting their creativity and innovativeness to solve problems. The…

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