Leadership Styles That Fit For Me Essay

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There are many leadership situational models, which have five theories and situated for different characteristics of people. They are Fielders Contingency Theory, House’s Path-Goal Theory, Hersey & Blanchard’s Situational Leadership, Vroom & Jago’s Normative Decision Model, Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Contingency Theory.(Dubrin)
There are multiple leadership styles that fit for me; but, mainly I have some of the personality traits of a leader. Self-Confidence, humility, self-evaluations, trustworthiness, warmth and sense of humor are some of the traits that most leaders have, which I believe I do too. The effect of many of the traits ends up dictating your leadership style and how you lead your group to success.
I believe I have moderate leadership style, which I still need to improve and develop my leadership skills. To begin with, according to the Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, I am a task –oriented individual who mainly focuses on the work and the goal. (Dubrin) Task oriented people are most likely performed into one set goal. There are several characteristics that I have, suited very well for the task-oriented leadership style. For example, I have high-performance standards, I can easily adapt situations, I can take the risk for the plans and I am able to ask a tough question to be successful in that process of the job. (Dubrin)
Even tough I am a task oriented individual there are several positive and negative outcomes. From the positive side, task oriented…

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