Leadership Of Leaders And Managers Essays

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1. Leaders and Managers can easily be confused by employees. Managers have to stick by the protocol and follow the rules that are set forth for that company there is not much wiggle room for managers. Whereas leaders can have more compassion and understanding in an unfortunate issue that causes someone to be late to work. Managers have to have control over the corporation they are employed by as their name is going on the final projects. Managers definitely lead their team but leaders usually inspire employees on a personal level.

2. The trait approach to leadership relies on identifying the traits that are a necessity which is not limited to knowledge of the job, intelligence, dominance, self-confidence and energy. Many researchers believe that leaders have these and other unique qualities and they stand out from their peers.
3. Leadership neutralizers are factors that can provide leader behaviors ineffective. Often times the leaders role can be neutralized in the even a group is so strong that the leader is not able to offer any new ideas or make any changes. Whereas leadership substitutes is referred to when an individual, task or organizational characteristics outweigh the need for a leader to direct or compel the performance of their employees. In other words when certain traits are embodied in an employee they in turn have the ability to perform their jobs without direction of the leader.

4. Rational decision making has six steps involved 1. Recognizing and…

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