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Financing Higher Education Worldwide

Scott Jaschik (2010) wrote an article for Inside Higher Ed concerning Financing Higher Education around the world. In the article, he questioned D. Bruce Johnson and Pamela Mariucci questions concerning their book titled Financing Higher Education Worldwide. There are many differences between how the United States finances higher education than the rest of the world. One difference is the United States has a private-nonprofit sector that is financed by large tuition rates and philanthropy that is not matched by any other country. Another difference, the United States also relies heavily on tuition fees, while some countries (especially in Europe) offer either low or no tuition. A final difference,
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In regards to Higher Education Administration, there are two types of politics that play a role and they are internal and external politics. Kretovics states that some feel that politics and power effect colleges and universities negatively, but he states that those who feel that way are really deluding themselves. Power is defined as “an important social process that is often required to get things accomplished in interdependent systems (Kretovics pg. 197).
There are five different types of social power that Administrators can pull from. The five type of social powers are reward (being able to reward someone), coercive (being able to punish someone), referent (wanting to be like someone giving them power of you), expert (having special knowledge), and legitimate (believing that someone has the right to have power). Those with power are not often noted as having power because some power is not as easy to see as others are. Kretovics later describes how to create power and how to effectively use it. One can create power by being able to control and access resources and to also create and maintain good relationships on campus. Also ensuring you have a good reputation helps you gain power as

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