Leadership Is A Process Of Influence Essay

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During the entire course of this cohort, there have been many subjects and material ranging from organizational needs, behavior, group dynamics, change, leadership, and many others. Leadership has come up substantially; we have learned that there are many types of leadership styles. The book Lead Like Jesus, specifically talks about servant leadership. Servant leadership is what Jesus utilized to empower his followers. He lived to serve, and his ultimate sacrifice was to do just that, sacrifice himself for humanity. After reading the book, servant leadership is what appealed to the author along with the four domains of leadership and the definition of leadership offered by the authors in the book. The definition offered by Blanchard and Hodges is, “Leadership is a process of influence. Anytime you seek to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of people in their personal or professional lives, you are taking on the role of a leader” (2005, p.4). The four domains of leadership are, heart, head, hands, and habit (Blanchard and Hodges, 2005). The first two, heart and head, are part of the internal aspect of leadership. While the other two, hands and habit, are part of the external factors of leadership. According to the authors of the book, heart is the most important of the four domains. To use the heart, a leader must be able to be motivated, humble, and confident. To use the head domain is to use ones beliefs, theories, and point of view. The authors touch on two…

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