Leadership Communication Styles Inventory Essay examples

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Leadership is defined as one’s ability to influence others. However, when done well that influence enlists 4 major ingredients:

[pic] It is an ability to use power effectively and in a responsible manner [pic] It is the ability to understand that different human beings have different motivational forces at different times and in different situations. [pic] It is also an ability to inspire people to perform towards a present objective. [pic] It is the ability to develop a climate conducive to building a positive attitude in the organization.

Research has shown that in the course of a day, the average person tries to assert their influence in at least 4 decisions (Maxwell, 24). As we mature we develop certain
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Questions A, B, & C get at the particular preference for a specific type of “Democratic or Supportive” leadership. There are three manifestations of a Democratic or Supportive Style that leaders can use and this second set of scores helps to identify yours.

Part 4 – Ranking Your Preferences

Leadership Communication Style Democratic Preferences

#1 Preference: __________________________ #1 Preference: _____________________

#2 Preference: __________________________ #2 Preference: _____________________

#3 Preference: __________________________ #3 Preference: _____________________

This instrument is an adapted version of Capezio, P and Morehouse, D., (1997). Secrets of breakthrough leadership. Franklin Lakes, NY: Career Press.

Used for Educational Purposes Only

← Autocratic leadership (also referred to as “Directive Leadership”) is a style in which the manager retains the power and decision-making authority.

← Autocratic leaders create motivation through the distribution of rewards for compliance and punishment for disobedience.

← An Autocratic leader commands his/her team and expects compliance. In order to get that compliance they will typically use some form of fear

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