Leadership, Communication, And Listening Essays

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Leadership, communication, and listening are important in all fields of work. All three of these components must be present for an efficient and effective work community. Leadership can apply in many situations; for example, it is the ability to not only used to understand your talents, but also how to utilize them. Other examples of leadership can be used is by playing to strengths and addressing weaknesses, guiding a team to reach a specific goal, and knowing when to take lead and when to step back to allow others to lead. Communication skills are helpful in all aspects of life from social gatherings to a professional setting. Listening is a skill that branches from communication and it is important in preventing miscommunication and allowing the people involved in the conversation to fully engage in the dialogue.
I had the opportunity to understand these concepts of leadership, communication and listening in the profession field of pharmacy by interviewing April Hegg. April is a pharmacy manager at Saint Vincent Hospital who earned her bachelor of pharmacy and doctor of pharmacy degrees at Purdue University. As a manager, April is a leader and authority figure for her employees. As a pharmacist, she helps her patients understand their medication and build a relationship with them. She practices leadership, communication, and listening daily in the hospital and is continuing to improve her skills. As a pharmacy manager, April is responsible for controlling and…

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