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This document contains the policies and action taken in response to the recent rioting of various student groups on campus after a recent decision made for the allocation of funds for the King-Chavez lecture series. This document contains immediate and future plans for the University.

At Pilgreen University, we understand that the issue at hand may cause problems no matter what the decision, because ultimately not everyone can be satisfied. However, PU does strive to make the University a place where as much equality exists as possible, and therefore will try to make the best decision possible.
Issues At Hand
There are several possible issues involved with the problem of the rioters upset over the decision made by the
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The University also realizes that action can also come off as being to regulatory and restricting students rights; therefore, PU is going to try to tread lightly on the issues at hand so that the credibility of the University is not damaged.
If the university takes a stand on this issue, then it must also be decided the regulations that need to be enforced in order to maintain a sense of equality and fairness within the campus environment. Students, staff and faculty must all have a say on the issue to ensure that everyone’s voice is represented
Policies and legal issues affected
Because the committee has an informal tradition of allocating funds for the King-Chavez lecture series, choosing to allocate funds to the group of their choice is not a policy violation. The nonviolent rioting of students at a park across from campus is also not a policy violation because there is, so far, no violence and students have the right to free speech. Because the police decided to watch the rioting and not take action yet, it also says that the rioters have not violated any city regulations, as of yet. Because all four groups presented proposals to the committee, the committee is not acting out of hand by choosing what seemed to have been the best proposal. So far, unless the riot gets violent, there have been no policy violation by anyone involved.
Because the

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