Essay on Leadership And The Worst Forms Of Leadership

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Leadership can be found all throughout life. From the moment one starts interacting with other human beings, leadership starts to take over due to the natural tendency we have to follow. Everyone has their own form of leadership. The most noticeable form of leadership is when one is incredibly vocal when leading. These people are the ones that you will pick out from afar. Another type of leadership which is just as great, if not better, is leading by example. These are the people who will not be as vocal when leading a group of people, but they show the “correct” way to behave and their followers will do as they do. Along with different styles of leadership, there are also “good” and “bad” forms of leadership. We have learned that sometimes, people are “put” in leadership roles and not given. This is one of the worst forms of leadership because people follow that person only because they have to. This can be brought to John Maxwell’s speech, “The Five Levels of Leadership.” The example I just gave fell into the first, or weakest, level of leadership. This pyramid that John describes in his speech goes from the worst level of leadership to the best, or level five. Obviously, the fifth level is ideal not only because it is the last one, but because it is when people will follow that leader for what they have done before. That follower might not even know said leader personally, but has heard of the amazing things they have done that that follower really has no…

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