Leadership Analysis : Leadership And Leadership Training Essay

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Leadership Motivation Organizations today, both large and small, understand that in order to be successful, they must have employees who are inspired and motivated to work at their best. This inspiration comes from how meaningful the work is and how valued the employee feels to the supervisor and the organization itself. Organizations have experienced a paradigm shift over the years from hiring managers who ensured workers did what they were told, to leaders whose influence drives people to follow them anywhere for anything. The power of great leadership is measured in the people culture of the organization, increased sales and profits, reduced turnover, and ultimately employee engagement. Dubrin (2016) stated the purpose of leaders who apply motivation and coaching techniques is to get the employees involved in their work and excited about the organization. Research shows that successful organizations put strategic focus on leadership training, knowing the outcome is a workforce filled with engaged employees who are highly productive. In this paper, I will examine leadership from the education industry and explain the principal’s role in teacher engagement. I will further explain how education leaders motivate teachers through recognition techniques and building social equity. Conclusively, I will explain the importance of coaching and goal setting in education, and why this is so important for our future leaders.
Leaders Role in Employee Engagement…

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