The Importance Of Mentoring And Induction Of Novice Teachers

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Student learning begins with effective teachers. Teachers are the heart of education, and keeping them healthy is a must for student achievement. Unfortunately, many factors in education are adversely affecting the classroom teacher, and the number of quality teachers entering and remaining in the field of education is dwindling significantly. Therefore, school administrators must take action to improve work motivation, create productive work environments, and implement comprehensive induction programs to head off this decline. Together these strategies will recruit and retain high quality and effective teachers while increasing student achievement. Teacher motivation is greatly affected by the administrator’s leadership style. Onjoro stated, “Leaders know when employees …show more content…
Having a mentor more like a tutor or coach for the beginning teachers establishes a solid and firm foundation for the new teacher upon which to build their instructional strategies, content knowledge, and sense of belonging. In 1980, the Florida Department of Education implemented a new teacher induction program, and in Duval County the program is called Mentoring and Induction of Novice Teachers (MINT). The program is coordinated from the district level and through professional development facilitators at each school instead of the principal. According to Wong’s research, in order for induction to be effective, the principal must be actively involved by building a culture of an effective school that provides training, support, and cohesion. In addition, when new teachers participate in an induction program that includes mentoring, 95% of the new teachers remained in the teaching profession after three years (2016). Providing an induction process for all new teachers definitely impacts teacher retention and helps to build effective

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