Concealed Carry Laws

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Some people believe that if they can control who owns any type of weapon that violence will go down. Many shootings have happened because un-mentally stable people have acquired guns. The government shouldn’t completely do away with any options for people not to own guns because many people like to do various types of activities like hunting and some people feel like they have a wall of protection when they own a gun. Yes, guns should be controlled to a certain extent but not fully taken away from every person. There are many regulations and laws that a guns salesperson and people who might have a gun have to follow because the law requires all people to follow. The Brady Bill is one of the many gun control laws thats that are in effect. James …show more content…
Concealed-carry laws allow certain individuals who pass a background check and a training course, depending on the specific laws in their state, to carry a handgun or other weapon in public in a concealed manner (Taylor). At its core concealed-carry just allows a trained and licensed person to carry a small handgun into public places. “ Declaring state parks "gun-free zones" sounds like a pretty good idea to avoid violence but concealed-carry advocates will argue that if the government makes it against the law to have guns in parks, the only people in the country’s parks with guns will be lawbreakers, leaving law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves from any attacks (Taylor).” Which means that if the government makes it illegal to bring guns into any kind of parks then the only lawbreakers will be the ones who can legally carry the handgun. “Supporters of this law say that background checks are not effective enough for screening out any unrealized dangerous individuals. Which sometimes gives mentally unstable or homicidal people the legal right to own a weapon and bring into public areas where they could harm others or themselves (Taylor).” According to the people who believe that guns should be outlawed they think that the background check process isn’t effective enough for pinpointing people that could be harmful to others and that they could be giving the wrong people a gun. “Since 2010, there has been 50-plus shootings in Philadelphia’s city playgrounds and recreation centers and because of this Mayor Michael Nutter has signed a bill to ban all guns in either of these places (Taylor).” Which now means that if a person who is registered to be able to carry a concealed weapon is in a Philadelphia park they will be breaking the

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