Lan Han Case Study

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Background Information

Lan Han is Packaged Snack Division (PSD) company. Lan Han has a sub brand named Lan Ren which translated in English called Lazy Man. Lazy Man is one of the strongest brand in Lan Han international and is highly recognised as a brand leader in the snack market.

We, Lan Han International looking for an exploration into the possible launch of Project ‘Tasty Feet’ into the UK packaged snack market. The Project is concerned with processed Chicken Claws, a delicious snack, which Chinese people of all ages are in love.

Defining the business issue

The UK Chicken Claw consumption may raise the issue of whether Lan Han should enter the UK snack market, as the local consumers still find it hard to accept the new Chicken Claw
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We would like the agency to do the face to face interview from the “Asian group”. Also, we would like the agency to help us to do a focus group from the “none-Asian group” as we want to hear what they think as a group rather than individual. Lan Han is trying to focus these two groups of people first as they are more likely to consume our products. What recommendation would you give from the agency professional point of view? How many interviews or focus groups should be done to get the most validate information? Should Lan Han focus more on qualitative than quantitative?


Important signpost date of Project “Tasty Feet” is listed below:

1st April 2018 Proposal Deadline


Our potential supplier 2Sisters Food Group (Boparan) might be shortage of Chicken Claw which will possibly replace by Turkey Claw.

Lan Han is planning to work with 2Sisters Food Group (Boparan) plant. However, recent (Oct.2017) negative press comments in regard to quality procedure at the 2Sisters Food (Boparan) plant could have some effect on our intentions.


This research has been budgeted at GBP70K in the annual plan, which cannot be exceeded. Lan Han expect the proposal to show the information of the UK consumption of the Chicken Claw, whether it have potential to enter the UK snack market.

Ray Tan
Market Research Manager
Lan Han International
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The British version of Chicken Claw will be introduced to two different groups which are “Asian group” and “none-Asian group” and discover which group of people are like the British version of Chicken Claw the most. “Asian group” are people coming from Asia looking for Chicken Claw to snack and “non-Asian group” are people have travelled from Asia and looking for Chicken Claw to snack. This should give indication of the quantities they are likely to buy and whether they would be prepared to pay for the British version of Chicken Claw versus the traditional Chinese Chicken Claw.

3. To monitor awareness of the new online campaign

The object would seek to monitor awareness of the new online campaign. It will need to introduce the product online and discover which groups of people most likely aware of Chicken Claw and consume them. This should give indication of the quantities consumers are likely to purchase the British version of Chicken Claw in the UK.

4. To explore consumer reactions to the new

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