Taking Local On The Road By Camille Kingsolver Summary

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What is Food? What is the Purpose of Food?
Many people have the options of choosing where to eat and what to eat. Some even choose to eat microwavable foods as option for dinner. But can you recall when you ate a home cooked meal? Or when you went to your local farmers market? In today’s society, we are too busy to even cook a meal; we tend to lure towards for processed food or as Camille Kingsolver says, “we rely more on foods that come out of a shiny wrappers instead of peels or skins” (37). It’s sad to say, but more and more people are looking for an easier way to eat
In the article, “Taking Local on the Road,” author, Camille Kingsolver found it tough to find fresh food at her college campus. Soon, she realizes how she benefits to have
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In his article, “The Pleasures of Eating,” he possesses many good points about food. He says that people should “think of eating as an agricultural act, instead of thinking food as an agricultural product” (64). Being that he spent most of his life as a farmer, he firmly believes that the purpose of food is making a connection of where it was produce, where it came from, and to have that knowledge about grown produced. He wants people to make connection with their food and to stop being an “industrial eater”(65). By become an industrial eater; it makes people look like they are supporting the food industry to produce more food at a faster paste. In which, in the long run it is making the food industry to be profited more because of the mass production of processed foods they produced. Food industries does not care about the citizen’s health, they only care about how much money they are producing. Berry emphasizes that people need to take responsibility and educate themselves of how their foods are being produced in the food industry. People need to practice in being active consumer and not passive consumers. When we practice being passive consumers, our freedom is being taken away. He states, “we cannot be free if our food and its sources are being controlled by someone else”

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