Lab 14 Essay

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Lab 14
Remote Windows 7 Administration

Exercise 14.1
Create a Custom MMC Console

Rather than evaluate the system events on each workstation individually, you can create a customized Microsoft Management Console interface containing the Event Viewer snap-in for multiple computers.

Completion time
20 minutes

Question 1
How can you find out which port Windows Firewall opened up on NYC-CLb?
1. You can check by going to Control Panel>System and Security>Windows Firewall>Advanced Settings, locate the rule you are checking, Double click the rule and click the Protocols and Ports tab. The port used is located under this tab.
18. Take a screen shot of the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog box, showing the two Event
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Question 4
When you browse the Local Disk (C:) drive in the Open combo box, which computer’s C: drive are you actually looking at?
3. The Notepad.exe program is running on the NYC-CL2 computer.
4. You are looking at the C: drive on the NYC-CL2 computer.
19. Take a screen shot of the NYC-CLb Remote Desktop Connection window, showing the NYC-CLa disks in the Open combo box, by pressing Alt+Prt Scr, and then paste the resulting image into the Lab14_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Ctrl+V.

Question 5
Why Is it possible to access the host computer’s—that is, the NYC-CLa computer’s—various drives while working in the NYC-CLb Remote Desktop Connection window?
Question 6
During a Remote Desktop session, what would happen if you opened the Network Connections window on the remote computer and configured the network adapter to use a different IP address? Explain the result.
5. We chose to display the local drives in the Remote Desktop Connection box>Options>Local Resources tab>Select the drives check box.
6. It would drop the session and you would need to log back on using the new IP address.
Exercise 14.4
Creating an RDP File

The Remote Desktop feature in Windows 7 does not require a user to be present at the remote computer. In Exercise 14.4, you and your partner take turns connecting to each others’ computers and controlling them from a remote location.
Completion time
10 minutes

17. Take a screen shot

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