Liturgical Analysis Of John 2

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VI. Liturgical Analysis
Another way to examine this scriptural passage is liturgically or how the Church today keeps the Gospel in living Tradition. This is important because the Gospels and scripture are not just for the times they happened but they are read and explained especially during the liturgy of the mass because they are words that all peoples should live by. John 2:1-11 is proclaimed during the second Sunday in ordinary time. Paired with the Gospel are two readings; the first being from the book of Isaiah and the second reading is from the book of Corinthians. Along with these three readings the responsorial psalm is a song of praise to God about his marvelous
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His role for her is to be the intercessor and mediator of all of God 's children. In some of her only words in the Gospel our Blessed Mother says “Do whatever He tells you." This is what our Blessed Mother does: “she presents herself as the spokeswomen of her son’s will (Redemptoris Mater 21)." Here at the wedding feast at Cana, John tells this story so that the reader can see Mary 's faith and that in turn helps the disciples begin their own journey to faith. This is the purpose of this story, to go to Our Blesses Mother always because she brings us to her …show more content…
Look at the vessels in which He used to make the wine. They were dirty and unclean so no Jew could have used them without being unclean. This act is very important. In this single act Jesus is deciding to do away with the laws of Old. He takes away the cleaning and purification laws that were so prominent in the Jewish community. By filling these vessels of with an abundance of wine, He is showing us that His ministry and goodness will also be that of much abundance and grace. This is so important because this first miracle became His pathway to His death and Resurrection in which He died on a cross and was pierced in His side allowing literal blood and water to flow from His side. This act shows us that this water in which we bring to him filthy and dirty from our sins, is cleaned and renewed through baptism and the blood that comes from his side is to now the sign of the New Covenant in which Jesus gets rid of all the old laws and gives us His abundance of mercy and

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