Book Of John Analysis

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John can be summarized in this way. The book of John is about Jesus’ ministry. The book of John starts off by stating that God was in the beginning and nothing was made without Him. It is also stated that John was sent to testify of the Light which is the coming Son, Jesus. Jesus’ ministry covered in the book of John starts in Cana at a wedding where He turns water into wine. He then goes to the temple to find sales people in the temple. He says His Father’s house is not a marketplace and He throws everything out. In verse 19, Jesus tells the disciples to destroy the temple and He will raise it up in three days. Jesus is referring to Himself as the temple. Jesus has an in-depth discuss with Nicodemus about knowing and accepting salvation. Jesus goes back to Cana where He meets an official who wants Jesus to heal his son. Jesus tells him to believe and go home that his son is healed. Jesus feeds the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, and he walks on water and heals a blind man with clay. Jesus says those who see have sin, but those who are blind have no sin. In 7:7, Jesus warns that people do not hate his messengers; they hate His message. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. The Jews are upset about the fact that Jesus clams to be the Son of the Father and come from heaven; therefore, …show more content…
The first theme, that Jesus was sent by the Father, can be seen all throughout the book of John. The first place that it is said is John 5:36. Jesus also says that the Father sent him in John 5:37, John 12:49, John 17:25, in John 6:38, John 17:18, John 17:25, and in John 20:21. He says that He is here to do the will of the One who sent Him. Jesus wants to make it perfectly clear that it is through the Father’s will that He has come a human. This claim of being the Father’s Son is why the Jews hated Jesus so badly and wanted to kill

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