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CASE 2 The assessment for Organizational Behavior consists of an examination [50% of module mark] and two cases [50% of module mark]. This assessment is Case 2 and worth 25% of your mark. ASSIGNMENT Read Case 11.3, pp. 350-351, in your text. Answer the following questions about the case. 1. Describe the conflict in this case. The conflict in this case is a relationship conflict resulted mainly from a lack in the emotional intelligence from the Greek Team side. The Greek Team who are

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They asked to distribute the short runs and long runs between the groups equally

• Level 4: Resistant (Active).

The experienced workers aimed to retaliate with sabotage. Their intention was to slow or stop the production line of the Greek Team

3. Would bringing in a third party help resolve the conflict? If no, why not? If yes, what kind of third party intervention would you suggest?

Yes, I recommend for a third party intervention. Mr. Dan is a neutral person to conflicting parties and he can represent the Third-Party Conflict Resolution. The kind of intervention that I would suggest is Mediation due to it offers the highest satisfaction with process and outcomes.

4. What would is the best conflict resolution style to apply?

The best conflict resolution that I would suggest to apply is Problem-Solving. The reasons of selecting Problem-Solving approach are as follows:

• The interest of both parties are not totally opposing. Both parties aim to maximize the benefit of Tadamark Industry

• It aims to find a solution that will be financial for this conflict. This is can be done by avoiding breaking up the Greek Team as well as offer them a short course explaining how to deal with people effectively in the workplace.

• It has the win-win orientation. Both parties at the end will be satisfactory.

5. Discuss a business situation in which you have seen or
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