Korean War : North And South Korea Essay

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On August 8, 1945 the world would hear a major event about a country that everyone knew about. It wasn’t good for the country of Korea on that day. Many people ask why this is a bad event for Korea. Well, on that day the unthinkable happened, Korea split into two countries. That country would soon be called North and South Korea. They had to build a wall in the 39th parallel so that the countries would fight and hurt any of their loyal citizens in the country.They called this wall the demilitarized zone or the DMZ. This was the first time in history that had to have a dedicated DMZ to separate a country from going into war. This wall is built and has not caused war yet in any of the countries yet. Since Korea forged the DMZ to separate the countries to prevent war has caused each country in a neutral state. The DMZ has placed both countries in the possibility of having war .
When many people think about Korea, they think of two countries and they are North and South Korea. These countries lie on a peninsula called the Korean peninsula. They lie near the Sea of Japan in east Asia. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang and South Korea’s capital is Seoul. The country is separated by a wall called the DMZ. The DMZ stands for demilitarized zone. Jeff Stein, the author of North and South Korea 's Absurdist Armagation. To paraphrase Steins about how one of our Presidents Bill Clinton, talks about how this area is a very dangerous area to be in and is going to get worse every…

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