South Korea Analysis

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In order to better understand a country, its people, and its issues, one must understand key information to provide context. In order to provide context, details concerning the physical geography, political geography, and the human geography are key in attaining the understanding of a country as a whole prior to moving forward in discussing key issues facing that country. The country that will be the focus of this analysis is South Korea.
Physical Geography
South Korea, a country in East Asia, amounts to 45% of the Korean peninsula containing rivers, mountain ranges, natural resources, and volcanic islands. The country is surrounded by three main bodies of water, the East China Sea to the east, the Yellow Sea to the west, and the Korea Strait
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The president, when elected, has a single five-year term. The president, the prime minister, the heads of executive ministries, and the ministers without portfolio make up the State Council. Additionally, the National Assembly is unicameral and is composed of 300 elected members. The Grand National Party is the conservative party in South Korea, which is present with the more liberal Democratic Party similar to the United …show more content…
The estimated life expectancy in South Korea is 79.80 the 39th best country in the world (Country Comparison: Life expectancy at birth, n.d.). Additionally, South Korea experiences 8.26 births per 1,000 people and 6.63 deaths per 1000 people (Field Listing: Birth rate, n.d., Field Listing: Death rate, n.d.). Most people have a type of health insurance and medical services have become more apparent to the entire population after the Korean War (South Korea, 2015). Concerning education, children age 15 or older can read and write leading to a population literacy average of 97.9% (Field Listing: Literacy, n.d.). Additionally, 80% of high school students attend a college after graduation with the best schools being located in Seoul, the nation’s capitol (South Korea,

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