Knowledge Creating Company Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… As metaphor is not enough, analogy can be used to make more structured and based thinking. The purpose is to make clear the distinctions and the contradictions the idea might have.
Finally, when we have been able to get actual and more explicit information and ideas, it’s important to put that knowledge into a structural and logical way, making a model that can be recreated and reproduce many times.
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Let’s take the example of redundancy. It may not sound as a very helpful ideal, but if we go deeper, redundancy makes people get into a closer and frequent encounters, it makes people talk to each other more often and communication channels start to grow. So with redundancy, information starts to go from one place to another quicker and with the option of adding more knowledge within these interactions.
Having a healthy competition can also bring many positive results when we are trying to create knowledge. When different people are given with the same task, there will be many ideas and ways of achieving the goal. Doing that, you’re managing to have a lot of knowledge within one particular matter, and it opens up the possibility of taking the best of each idea, and taking out the bad, so at the end, everyone’s ideas and thoughts will be combined to make the best of it.
Creating knowledge can be hard sometimes, especially when people has been doing the same since many years. That why, strategic rotation can also be a way to make people learn and to be able to provide their knowledge to other areas.
Giving free access to information is another way of making knowledge. When everyone’s able to access information of any kind regarding the company or organization, communication and ideas might flow or emerge

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