Kitchen Nightmare Case Study

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Kitchen Nightmare Season 6 Episode 1: La Galleria 33
Food is the one of the human’s basic needs. Besides cooking at home people still want new experiences, new tastes of food for satisfy themselves. Eating in the restaurant is usually in their life no matter they have the holiday and special events or not. Each people don’t have the same tongue. Their satisfactions are different. If those are the problems that staffs in the restaurant should solve. Like a restaurant i watched from YouTube website. There were many problems in the restaurant have to solve. The restaurant are named La’Galleria33
When the customers have meals in the restaurant, the important things they want from the restaurant are not only the delicious foods. They want the good
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They’re serve the homemade Italian food but all dish are terrible and not appropriate to the price that the customers have to pay because the ingredients in the food are frozen food. It’s better not to go outside if I have to eat the frozen food in the homemade Italian food like this. There is not the food customers expected. I’ve seen in the video that the customers are mutter about the frozen food and call the staff to complain about it. Normally, the staffs will listen to the customer’s complain and immediately solve the problem but not this restaurant. The owner got the customer’s complaint but Rita, she didn’t listen and fight with the customer. It’s the big fault one because the staff must not talk back or fight with customer, especially the owner. A lot of bad mannered of the owners are more than this such as smoking and drink alcohol in the kitchen areas. Next problems I saw are about the kitchen operation. Cooking skills of the head chef are very low like his restaurant’s standard. The head chef picks up the fish meat that dropped on the floor to cook again. I think dropped food should not use it again because the floor is not clean, there are bacteria. He has no idea about creating the new menu. And the other chefs, …show more content…
Same as Thailand our country, we have a lot of food shop on the street called ‘street vender’. And teach me that human has a potential to do everything just not give

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