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Informative Speech On Identity Theft

A. Today is the big day. You have been saving for several months for a down payment to purchase your new car. You go to the dealership, pick out the car and fill out all the required paperwork. You start daydreaming about driving off the lot when the finance manager comes in and says the one word you were not expecting, DENIED. You have no idea what is going on because you know you have perfect credit. After some time consuming effort, you realize you are a victim of identity theft.

B. The purpose of my speech is to inform the audience about identity theft.

C. Identity theft can happen to anyone in this room. Your roommate, friend or a total stranger can gain access to your
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C. Steps to take if you become a victim

a. Notify the three major credit-reporting agencies

b. Close all accounts that you did not open and any account you think my have been tampered with

c. Inform the local law enforcement and the law enforcement in the area the crime took place.

A. Today I talked about identity theft and several ways to protect your self from this damaging crime.

B. First, I told you how it happens. Then I talked about how you can minimize your chances of becoming a victim. Last I informed you of the steps to take if you become a victim

C. Identity theft is a very serious matter. I hope each and every one of you will take the information I have provided today to heart. If I was able to convince you to better protect your personal information, then I have accomplished my goal.

First I will tell how identity theft can happen to you. In today’s society we are plagued with a new kind of criminal, an identity thief. Although you may try your best to protect your personal information, the thief will get access to it if they want. There are several different methods that can be used to obtain your personal information. Your wallet could be slipped out of your pocket in a crowded place or someone could run by and snatch your purse. With these items in their possession they could

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