Key Themes In Shakespeare's The Vow

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The 2012 popular romantic film The Vow, directed by Michael Sucsy, and 2005 well regarded Australian novel The Story of Tom Brennan, written by J. C. Burke, both capture and explore similar key themes. The Vow follows Leo and his wife Paige after a tragic car accident causes Paige to lose all her memory of her life with Leo. The Story of Tom Brennan follows Tom whose brother, Daniel, is sent to jail after causing a car accident while under the influence of alcohol. Both texts, that display the destructive nature of car accidents on families, deal with the similar themes of loss, identity and moving on from the past.
The theme of loss is shown throughout both the novel and the film through the characterisation of both Tom and Leo. Tom feels
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The use of setting in both the novel and the film help to depict the confusion that both characters are feeling. Due to the embarrassment of Daniel’s car accident, Tom’s family feel the need to move to the nearby town of Coghill. Initially Tom didn’t like Coghill as it “had just about every fast-food joint you could imagine" and the town was populated with ’38,833 ugly people’ (page 17).The setting, depicted through descriptive language, is different to his home town of Mumbilli and displays Tom’s search for identity without his older brother. Tom and his brother did everything together in Mumbilli including their much loved sport of rugby (footy). Suddenly, in a new town and without his brother, Tom felt lost and confused, much like Paige does in The Vow. Paige deals with similar issues as Tom as she faces a choice between her current life with Leo, that she doesn’t remember, in the city of Chicago, and her past life that she does remember with ex, Jeremy, just outside the city. There is a clear different between her loft-like home with Leo and her big family home. These differences are highlighted through the use of camera angles and lighting. For example, her family home has a warm light and it often shot in a long shot to emphasise its large size and beautiful structure. The two houses display that Paige is torn between her two lives and her two very different identities of law student and artist. She explains that she ‘tired of disappointing’ people that expected her to be something she’s

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