Key Skills That Are Valued By Graduate Employers Essay

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There are many key skills that are valued by graduate employers, however it differs from industry to industry but there are many core common skills that all employers aspect. In a recent careers prospect survey (2015), it shows that employers are looking for six key graduate employability skills and these are:
1. Good communication
2. Effective leadership and management
3. Planning and research Skills
4. Teamwork skills
5. Time-management
6. Relevant work experience
With so many graduates applying for jobs each year, it’s important that graduates learn and know how to demonstrate these skills in the work place. The majority of skills shown above are important to me as there will help me achieve my career goals and also require me to get my career job as an Accountant. I will know go through three of the skills shown above and explain and demonstrate -these skills. I will also reflect how these skills would make you a worthwhile addition to an organization.
Graduate employers take a key interest in good communication skills. Good communication skills clearly convey your ideas and it gives you the ability to listen to others. I am very comfortable with this skill as I tend to use it in everyday life this shows that it is one of my best skill. I also used this skill during this module when we did the group business challenge, we were asked to work with five other individuals to complete a business challenge. The business challenge that had been set required us to work together…

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