Key Skills For Job Performance Essay

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Persuasion- In order to be a highly profitable sales representative in the medical industry, the most important element of the job is persuasion. The representative must be able to switch from both retailers, to physicians, to consumers and understand their different needs and communicate accordingly to complete a sale. It is necessary for them to create, change, and reinforce opinions of the new product in order to get it into the market and increase market penetration.
Active Listening- To reinforce their ability to persuade others, they must be active listeners. A sales representative must hear what their clients are saying regarding their needs and be able to use that information to make an argument in a positive light for their product.
Organizing- As a sales representative, it will be imperative to keep track of expense accounts, client accounts, calendars, contracts, and product information. Thus, organization skills are one of the key skills for job performance. Further, in order to succeed in the job, one must be able to juggle all of their activities and keep everything in order and be able to bring it forward quickly.
Public Speaking Skills- Perhaps one of the most obvious skill, but still one of the most important. A sales representative must deliver all information associates with the product in an eloquent, polite, and easily understood way in order to make a sale.
Customer and Personal Service- In order to enter the sales field, one must have at least a…

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