The House, The Senate, And The Executive Branch

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In the simulation today, we split into the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. In the House, we split into the Internal Matters Committee, Government Operations Committee, and the Budget Committee, where the first two committees reviewed today 's mail, took notes on the mail, and reviewed and formed stances on the legislation written about in the letters. All of the members of the House then joined together with the Budget Committee members and discussed the budget. We finalized the proposed budget by the House and then joined with the Senate Budget Committee to discuss the budget and made compromises on the final budget Congress will propose to President Millworth. Meanwhile, the Speaker of the House was in discussions with the President and the Senate about passing certain Republican-favored pieces of legislation in exchange for the passing of certain Democratic-favored pieces of legislation. However, no compromise was made. We also reviewed and discussed which pieces of legislation will generate revenue for the United States federal government, and wrote down these bill numbers to discuss more in-depth in the House during the next simulation period.

From my perspective, the formal players involved in the simulation today are the members of the House, members of the Senate, President Millworth, and the media. The informal players involved in the simulation today are those who sent budget requests and letters to the different committees in the House. Members of

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