Key Characteristics Of Effective Schools Essay

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Present an overview of the continuing national pressures to reform schools.

Societal pressures continue to impact U.S. schooling. When problems arise in the society, policy makers turn to the schools as the source of the problem and/or a resolution for the problem. Lately the federal government has pressured schools to change.

2.Describe key characteristics of effective schools.

In an effective school, improvement is not just a plan, but a process. High-quality schools have a professional organizational culture called a professional learning community. Decision on instruction and budget are determined through data. Many of the strategies used in effective schools have parent and community involvement in student learning. The principal has a vision for the school and displays supportive leadership. Also, as part of an effective school, accountability is student-learning centered.

3.Present the case for why and how high-quality teachers use evidence and clarify your philosophy of what high-quality teaching and high-quality schools are like.

High-quality teachers use evidence to determine if they are making a difference in student-learning. They are reflective and ethics is the main component of their philosophy; while also possessing the three knowledge types of content, pedagogical, and pedagogical content. High-quality teachers enjoy teaching and will do anything possible to help their students learn and succeed. High-quality teachers put extra…

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