How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Influence Followers

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Leadership and followership are exceptionally influential in any shape or form. Many Leaders has influenced their subordinates with their personality and style of leadership, and on the other hand, followers has played a vital influence on how their leaders channel his/her leadership style.
Considering this facts, this paper will analyze on Eleanor Roosevelt’s leadership and influence style. Eleanor Roosevelt was the daughter of Elliot and Anna Roosevelt. She was born in New York City on Oct 11, 1884. As a very young child, Eleanor endured loneliness because her father was suffering from alcohol addiction and her mother often show more attention to Eleanor’s brothers. Eleanor felt isolated and her self-esteem was deeply affected. At some point, Elliot’s brother, Theodore, sent Elliot to an alcohol rehabilitation center for him to get his life back. This further worsens Eleanor’s loneliness. When her mother, Anna, died of diphtheria on December 7, 1892, Eleanor did not feel much pain because she felt they were never that connected while she was alive. Her mother,
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Considering the fact that this pattern of leadership behavior involves a leader communicating the vision of the future which usually has an ideological significance to the followers. This style, when administered to followers, normally arouse a follower’s zeal for goal accomplishment, and seeing the leader as a role model for boosting their self-confidence to achieve their tasks. Eleanor Roosevelt epitomizes this phenomenon. She stood as the first United States First Lady to address a press conference which welcomed only women press. Though the Press secretary to the president was not happy about such development, but it definitely re-define the role of leadership and made Eleanor stood as a charismatic leader that gave women journalist (followers) the needed self-confidence that has been lacking among

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